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From the desk of Shaune Clarke:

Dear Respected Colleague,

Have you ever wondered why more people aren't buying from your site? Under-producing websites are a big problem. It's very unfortunate and totally unnecessary.

Truth is, most online marketing is desperately just doesn't work.

Most of my clients wrestled with this issue for many years. By the time they come to me they are often quite worn out, and more than a little frustrated. This does not need to be the case for you.

Soon I'll Be Revealing Two Of The Internet's
Hottest New Income Generating Secrets

These techniques are 100% my own proprietary methods. They have been developed over years of trial and error. You are about to learn how to get every possible penny out of your online efforts.

Nothing will be left on the table. Soon, you will be very excited. In just a few minutes, you’ll know that you have just discovered a dynamic new way to explode your profits.

Your Website Will Be Transformed
Your Competition Will Be Crushed
The Results Will Be Lightning Fast

Best of all...

Paul Frapmton  • It will not require any more of your valuable time.

 • You’ll actually be able to cut back on your work hours.

 • You will not need to invest in additional advertising.

 • You won’t need to learn another new technology.

 • You’ll have more time for yourself and your family.

Experiencing More Of What's Really
Important To You…That's Our Real Goal

You’ll simply let me put my specialized techniques to work, and with a grin on your face, you’ll watch your profits pour in. I must warn you though, what I’m about to share with you is not conventional. Not at all.

Chances are it will be completely different from what you’re doing now. Can you please suspend how you think it should be, while I tell you something extremely important? This is the foundation for maximum website profits.

Here it is...

Here’s The Secret To Never Missing A Sale:
You Must Fully Mesmerize Your Customers
Within 7 Seconds Or Suffer
One Missed Sale After Another!!!

1) As your visitors hit your site, they are very rushed.

2) Unless they are totally fascinated, they will only stay for 7 seconds.

3) They need to be there for several minutes before they will buy.

4) Even the slightest distraction can create a short circuit in their attention.

arrowThis Is Your Biggest Problem

They have a lot on their minds. Helping with homework. Getting an oil change. Picking up a friend. They think about the other places they should be spending that money. All the reasons they shouldn’t buy.

Quickly they leave your site without buying your product or service. You have unnecessarily lost the sale. This is happening way too often, but it can quickly be overcome.

A large group of your website visitors arrive at your site in “The Maybe State”. They might buy from you, but only if you effectively romance their emotions, heighten their anticipation, elevate their desire, and then make them an irresistible offer. Let’s not underestimate the difficulty of this task. It requires a fine-tuned, well-executed, plan.

Bottom line, we must...

Transform Those “Maybes” Into Loyal,
“Gotta Have It Now,” Paying Customers
It Will Be Done And Your Profits Will Skyrocket

There's more…

checkmark Do you realize that your graphics may actually be killing your sales?

checkmark Do you know the best technique for holding website visitor attention?

checkmark Do you know which 4 colors always generate the best response?

checkmark Did you know that font size and style have a direct impact on your income?

checkmark Do you know the top 3 words to get your customers to act NOW?

As I said, most websites are not maximizing their profitability. Can you see why?

Here’s The Only Real Solution To Your Profit-Crushing Problem!

It’s all in how your site is designed and worded. Your site must be strategically worded to captivate and compel your customers to buy and to buy now. Often referred to as “Direct Response Copy,” “'Sales Copy,” or “Copy” for short.

Especially online where attention span is very short, it’s a must-have piece of your marketing arsenal. This is where I come in.

I am a Master Copywriter who can push your visitors buy buttons like nobody else. My unique ability is affordable and priced to give you a higher return on investment than any other copywriter. You should, however, only consider hiring me if you want personalized copy. This is what produces the highest conversion rates and profitability therefore...

"I Do Not Produce Cookie-Cutter Copy"

Carol Ruttle Testimonial My name is Shaune Clarke and I’m the founding President of the North American Copywriters Association (NACA).

Besides my obvious love for teaching and writing dynamic, profit-producing copy, I love to play basketball and golf. I’ve traveled a lot (I've been to Seoul, Korea), and I have lived in both Montreal and San Diego.

To be closer to friends and family, I recently moved back home to Nova Scotia, Canada. I’m looking out over Halifax Harbor as we speak.

Imagine... a green bridge stretching across the mile-wide harbor while 2 oil rigs, an 18th Century Tall Ship, a cruise ship, 4 navy vessels and hundreds of sailboats make Halifax harbor their home. Really spectacular.

I Have Been a Maverick Marketer My Entire Life.

The tricks and techniques I have learned along my 18-year entrepreneurial journey are not common. Not at all... It’s my own unique treasure chest and nobody - except for my carefully chosen apprentices -has access to it.

It’s not that I’m so special. I have made my share of valuable mistakes. It’s just that I truly do have my own unique blend of experience. This experience is ideally suited to online marketing. Frankly, for you, it’s a dynamic combination.

Let me explain…

FACT: We Must Get Emotionally Intimate
With Our Customers

All great direct response copywriters (there are less than 40) do in-depth research before starting to write for a project. We all understand the power of getting into the head of the prospect, becoming intimate with their needs and desires.

When we “live” with the prospect, when we authentically empathize and fully understand their emotions, we can best move them to buy. Sound easy? It is not. It can take years to develop this talent.

How Can I Do It? What Makes Me So Different?

showFactor One - I Am A Master Interviewer. I have thoroughly studied both Oprah Winfrey and Larry King. For years I have recorded and watched their shows over and over.

I’ve listened to Larry’s "How To Talk To Anyone Anytime" tapes at least a dozen times. I even hosted my own health talk show for several years. What an invaluable experience.

In order to bring out my guest's deepest emotions, I learned how to ask just the right questions at just the right time. I learned how to quickly build trust and connection.

I knew how to quickly get to what really mattered to them. My ability to bring out a guests deepest passions was a significant factor in the success of my show.

This Unique Talent Will Dramatically
Increase Your Visitors Need To Buy

Factor Two - I Am A Fanatic. Using just the right words and phrases is critically important. I love to closely watch customer response, test their impulses, and refine the process of achieving a dynamic response.

I have discovered that effectively interviewing real-life customers and prospects is the most effective way to accomplish this. We learn many things from the interviewing process, the most important being...

...the hidden reasons why your customers will buy from you.

Believe it or not, there are many less than obvious reasons they will buy. By writing these reasons into your copy, we will force your customers to instantly click your “'buy” button. We will add these important points and... your site will scream with orders.

proofThis same interviewing process also reveals the reasons why they don’t buy. By knowing this, we can then structure your presentation to avoid these income-killing factors.

I will be strategically using this type of information and much more when I write your copy. I won’t simply be saying we’re so great because of X.

That’s not it…

I’ll be compelling them to read while overcoming their hidden objections, and then I'll feed them with all the unique reasons they need to hear in order to buy.

Factor Three - One-Of-A-Kind Experience has taught me how to write unique and compelling copy. Here's what I mean... Hosting a health talk show meant being exposed to products sold through network marketing.

"What, me? One of those network marketing people? Never!" - or so I thought.

Slowly I did start to see an opportunity. I thought I could write press releases and then gain free TV and radio exposure. I saw how I could then use that exposure to sell credible network marketing products.

Let me tell you this… radio and TV producers are not very receptive to giving free publicity to someone selling network marketing products.

How Did I Drag Them Out Of Their
Deep-Rooted Resistance?

...with very compelling copy, that's how! The ability to create arresting headlines and compelling copy for my press releases allowed me to bolt past their resistance. I earned hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result.

As A Result Of My Very First Press Release,
I Was "Live Via Satellite" On
The CBS Detroit News

They actually gave out my 800 number and I made $62,446.86 in 90 seconds and had hundreds of people wanting to become distributors.

Just like that I was a successful network marketer - training, recruiting and selling products. Yes, selling product. Don't forget I said that. It will be very important later, when I unmask one of my most effective techniques.

The Power Of Giving is just one example of how effective these techniques have been...

This valuable book is endorsed by best-selling authors Seth Godin and Wayne Dyer. Co-author Azim Jamal had this to say...

Azim_JamalShaune Clarke wrote the promotional copy that will go out to book buyers and sales reps. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important pieces of “The Power Of Giving” marketing campaign.

Simply put, he knew exactly what I wanted. He produced a powerful and creative piece of work. I was more than pleased.

              - Azim Jamal,

Azim volunteers 20 hours per week. He is a great human being. I am grateful for his kind words. Let's continue...

Here's What We Know So Far...

I Will Find Your Prospects' Hottest Hot Buttons

I Will Help You To Overcome Even Impossible Resistance

I Will Force Your Prospects To Realize They Must Have Your Product

Now Combine That With This...

One of the best marketing books ever written is called Meaningful Marketing. I highly recommend it. One of the many great points that author Doug Hall drives home is, "Get Out And About." He suggests really spending time with your customers. Get out and be with them. Learn to think and feel just like they do.

Please Remove Your Own Ideas And Prejudices About
Who You Think Your Customers Are,
And Especially... Why They Buy.

"If You Don’t You’re Shooting In The Dark"

There is no greater way to master this skill than the one-on-one type of relationship of Network Marketing. Success in Network Marketing is based on the ability to build relationships.

You can’t just sell - you must connect with people. You learn how to understand and respond to the emotional pulse of your everyday customer. Being forced into network marketing was one of the best things that could have happened to me. Every direct response copywriter should have to do it.

1) I did eventually learn to connect with people, but what started it all?

2) Without any experience in network marketing, I was breaking records.

3) How did I do it?

I Wrote Captivating Press Releases, Dynamic Sales Scripts, Motivating Email Campaigns, And
Stimulating Website Copy.

I Have Been At This For Almost 20 Years And
Now You Can Benefit - Here's How...

Some time ago, the blessing of residual income allowed me to take two years off. I spent most of that time and untold thousands of dollars immersing myself in the study of Direct Response Copywriting.

speakingI've thoroughly studied the
old Masters Of Copywriting:

Collier - Ogilvy - Caples - Schwartz - Schwab

I've also learned from the best of today:

Makepeace - Abraham - Halbert - Carlton

Vitale - Kennedy - Masterson - Voiles - Fortin

You might wait two months before these high-priced writers will even get to your project. They all charge in the area of $10,000, even $20,000 plus royalties, to write one long copy letter or web page.

Please Allow Me To Make This Bold Statement…

In a Sea Of Old Hat, Over-Hyped, Yesterday's News Copywriters,
I Am Modern And Powerfully Different.

Absolutely No Other Copywriter Can Write Like I Do!!!

I have inhaled the wisdom of the respected and honored. Over and over again I studied and reviewed, studied and reviewed. Some of what they do is great, some of it is “'old hat” and much of it is way too “hypey.”

Tony NeumeyerI have taken the best of their techniques and I've added my own unique and proven elements. My track record is very clear... you get unique and professional, profit-pulling copy at an incredible price.

Finding Your Unique Hook Is The Foundation
For Outselling Everyone In Your Field.

Most of these well-aged copywriters teach that there is always a great story to tell, a great “'hook,” they call it. Their greatest successes often came as a result of finding that great hook.

One well-known direct response copywriter actually teaches how to best guess what the unique hook is. Yes, most of the time, copywriters (even the best ones) don't really know. Please do not leave this important element to chance. It is so unnecessary.

Guess Work?

This Is Your Business, There Is A Lot At Stake...
There Can Be No Guessing!

I always found it difficult to understand why we should be guessing at something so important. Admittedly, finding the great “'story” did not seem so difficult to me. After all it's almost always the basis for success in network marketing. It's second nature for me. I couldn't understand.

Then one day, it really hit me. These guys don't know how to conduct a professional interview. If they did, they wouldn't have to guess. It wouldn't be such a mystery to them.

"Ah Ha!" I Thought... "There’s My Hook!"
I Can Interview,
I Can Help You Find That Magical
Profit-Producing Hook... WITHOUT GUESSING!
This Powerful Talent Sets Me Apart From All The Rest.

During the interview process I use...

The Secret Six

What's That You Ask?

I started to really dissect the process of how to achieve a dynamic response. It was extremely tedious. After much trial and error - testing, testing and more testing, I then developed a very specific sequence of six different types of questions.

These six questions and their explanation fit on just one 8 ½ X 11 sheet of paper. I keep it under lock and key. I don't even tell my apprentice writers how to use these questions until their last month of training.

Do You Want A Dynamic Advantage,
Available Only To A Select Few?

Once we officially partner, I will call your past and current customers and strategically interview them using The Secret Six™.

I will also interview you and your top sales people. We will find your response- generating special story - your unique hook. It won't be what you expect, but you will agree how powerful it is once we find it. It will become the centerpiece of your increased internet profits.

Don’t be mistaken. This is not normally done. Typically a copywriter reviews testimonials and then, as I said, tries to guess how the customer is feeling and what will get the best response. How effective does that sound to you?

By using The Secret Six™ we will uncover:

1) Simple Statements That Remove Resistance And Boost Your Response

2) The Emotion That Triggers The Buying Impulse In Your Customers

3) What To “Thread” Through The Letter To Keep Them Wanting More

4) Key Phrases That Resonate Directly With The Hearts Of Your Prospects

5) Special Hidden Benefits That Drive Your Prospects To Buy

6) Simple Questions That Expand Receptivity And Increase Conversions

And you know what? This is just one of my most potent weapons.

I also weave purchase-provoking questions right into the copy. It’s like striking oil when you use these 6 types of questions in the right way in the right order. If you’ve read this far then you already know that they work.

The questions that I create for you will trigger your customers' deepest needs and desires. They will demand that these desires be satisfied, and...

We Will Perfectly Position
Your Product Or Service As The Answer

Let Me Skip To My Best-Kept Secret...

I call it Indirect Persuasion™. I learned this unique skill through my school of trial and error - my invaluable 16 years - in Network Marketing. This technique does not appear in any training manual, anywhere, at any price. It is a Shaune Clarke signature method.

Here’s How It Works...

urgent update: This site had only been up for a few days when established clients started calling. Some were concerned for me, and others seemed to feel a bit betrayed. They felt that I had "given away" too much information. They had suggested that I "hold back."

As just one example, Dr. Tina Maltz says,

"I'd rather not see you tell the whole world all of your original ideas, techniques and strategies. They are sure to be hijacked. Let your clients know but don’t just 'put it out there' for the entire Internet to see."

You know the old saying, “The client is always right.” Perhaps I have been a little naïve. You’ll notice how I’ve blocked some of the next piece, leaving just enough so that you’ll understand it’s power without revealing the heart of the actual technique. I certainly don’t want my hard work being stolen.


In their minds they think…

I just read this, which means this, which must mean… BANG! …exactly the conclusion that we wanted them to come to. This is absolutely the most powerful selling strategy available…Why? Because this “conclusion” is theirs...guess what?

They Believe It. And They Believe It Without Resistance..

This is what always generates the very lucrative, heart pumping, "I must have this" buying response. It must be their idea.

By Using Indirect Persuasion Your Prospects Actually Sell Themselves.

Can You See How Your Website Is
Absolutely Overloaded With Untapped Potential!

It is so important that we launch every weapon in our “'get them to buy” arsenal. Let me more clearly make the point of how effective potent copy and my unique methods can be:

Here's a screen shot of an email I sent to Barry T. Noble, the President of BTN Sales Inc. I wrote copy for the Powerpoint presentation he uses to sell international dealerships for an interesting device called Enhance Your Self-Exam.

"Listen in" On this private email conversation between myself and Barry Noble, Predident of BTN Sales!Email screenshot, describing how writing on a more personal level toward your audience can produce dramatically different results.

I encourage you to go back through the email again. Read all three sections, one after the other, starting with number 1. You really can feel a difference.

Are You Losing Customers Because
You’re Not Using These Elements?

Please Put Them In Place... It's A High Return Investment!

Here’s my irresistible offer to you…

Let’s partner. I will customize a plan just for you. As you might imagine, I am not the least expensive direct response copywriter you can find. I will assure you though that what I’m offering you, without question, is the best value.

My guarantee to you is this: If, within 30 days, you are not satisfied I will completely rewrite your copy for you. In other words, we will get it to work. You will make more money. This is my promise to you.

Budget Tight?   No Problem!

Byron Haden If you utilize one of my personally supervised apprentices the price drops considerably. Either myself or another Senior staff member approves all apprentice work before it goes out.

I guarantee, you can not get anywhere near this quality for the price we ask. On top of that we are masterful when it comes to creative financing. We will get it to work for you.

There it is…

A) It’s guaranteed.

B) You get extraordinary copy.

C) A limited budget is not a problem.

D) We are masters of creative financing.

E) Your website profitability will be maximized.

Step one to getting started is to request your
FREE 35-Minute Consultation!

Your First Name:
Your Email Address:
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Your Website (If Applicable):
Your Time Zone:
Best Time To Call:
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What is your budget?
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How did you find our site?:
Please don’t hesitate - I won’t be able to offer this for long.

I Retain The Right To Refuse Work That I'm Not Comfortable With

Have A Quick Question? You Can Call Me Directly At:
902 442 3643

Let me say it again...

If Your Website Or Sales Letter Is Not Written
With These Elements In Place...
You Are Losing Money!

You have nothing to risk... Call me directly at 902 442 3643 or email me at

FREE 35-Minute Consultation ($395 Value)

Your time is valuable.

I appreciate you using some of it to read this letter.

I hope that you've found it helpful.

Best regards,


Shaune Andrew Clarke

P.S. Why aren't more of your visitors buying from you?

P.P.S. Don't you want my best kept secret working for you?

P.P.P.S. I just developed a brand new technique... It's just as powerful as            "The Secret Six."